The First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, held in 1991 in Washington, DC, was probably the single most important event in the environmental justice movement short history. The First Summit galvanized people of color around environmental and economic justice and health issues as basic civil and human rights.

Please see "Environmental Justice in the 21st Century" for an in-depth analysis of the environmental justice movement and the First Summit.

The Second National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit or Summit II was also held in Washington, DC on October 23-26, 2002. The four-day event attracted over 1,400 participants-although it was planned for 500. Summit II builds on the legacy of the First Summit. It also expands and extends the environmental and economic justice paradigm to address globalization and international issues.

The EJRC has assembled a number of important documents that should give those individuals who are interested in the growth and development of the EJ movement and its diverse constituents. Some of these documents will also be posted on the Summit II website at Please view the documents in the Table of Contents that follows:

Environmental Justice Timeline/Milestones. Learn about some of the important dates and events that shaped the EJ movement over time.

Fact Sheet. Learn more about environmental justice issues where we live, work, play, and go to school in the EJ Fact Sheet.

EJ Summit PowerPoint Presentation. Learn about the mission, goals, planning, governance, and outcomes of the People of Color Summit I and Summit II.

Executive Summary of Summit II Resource/Policy Papers. View the summary findings and recommendations of papers commissioned specifically for the Summit II.

Summit II Resource/Policy Papers. View the full-text PDF format of the two-dozen policy papers.

Summit II Articles/Media. View articles, press releases, and media coverage of Summit II.

Crowning Women Special Award. Preview the Crowning Women: Honoring Women in the Environmental Justice Movement Awards Ceremony.

Photo Essays. View photo essays and highlights of Summit II events and activities.